Event DateActApplicable FormObligation
07/11/2017Income TaxForm 3CD, 3CA/3CBE-Filing Tax Audit Report
07/11/2017Income TaxForm No. ITR- 3,4Filing of I.T. Returns by Individuals ,HUFs (Audit applicable)
07/11/2017Income TaxForm No ITR-5Filing of I.T. Return by Firms,AOPs, BOIs (Audit applicable)
07/11/2017Income TaxForm No ITR-6Filing of I.T. Returns by Companies
07/11/2017Income TaxForm No ITR-7Filing of I.T. Return for Trusts, Political party etc. (Audit applicable)
07/11/2017Income TaxForm No.27C (TCS)Submission of Forms received in Oct to IT Commissioner
07/11/2017Income TaxChallan No.ITNS-281Payment of TDS/TCS deducted/collected in Oct
14/11/2017Income TaxForm 16BIssue of TDS certificate in case of payment /credit made in Sep for purchase of property u/s 194IA.
15/11/2017Income TaxForm 16AIssue of QuarterlyTDS certificates for Sep quarter by ALL Deductors
15/11/2017ESIESI ChallanPayment of ESI of Oct
28/11/2017Companies ActForm no AOC-4 XBRLBalance Sheet in XBRL format
28/11/2017Companies ActForm no AOC-4 Non-xbrlBalance Sheet in Non XBRL format
30/11/2017Income TaxForm No. 3CEBObtaining & filing Audit report u/s 92E for Transfer Pricing cases
30/11/2017Goods and Services TaxForm GSTR-2Return of Inward Supplies for July by Regular & Casual Suppliers.
30/11/2017Income TaxITR-4,5,6Filing of I.T. returns by assessses where Transfer pricing provisions are applicable
30/11/2017Maharastra Profession TaxMTR-6/Form IIIBPayment & Monthly Return of Maharastra PT (Annual Liability 50000 or more)
30/11/2017Income TaxForm No.26QBPayment of TDS for Purchase of Property for Oct
30/11/2017Goods and Services TaxForm TRAN-1Filing and /or revising Form for claiming pre-GST ITC